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Emma Goldman Institute for Anarchist Studies

Emma Goldman Insititute for Anarchist Studies Sign

wood, inkjet print on adhesive vinyl
7 feet high x 10 feet wide

See how this was made.

The University of California at Davis is in the midst of major growth and expansion. Throughout the campus there are signs announcing construction of new buildings (see a sample of one of the signs in the images below). An odd thing was that some of the signs announce construction for buildings which funding has changed priorities, or are so early in the planning stages no one knows if or when they will ever be constructed. Essentially, the signs announce construction for building which may never be built.

I created my own sign, which matched the design of the official signs, for a building which had no official plan to be built. The university was open enough to have it officially placed on the campus as a sculpture. It was placed in an open field near a road through campus and was seen by students, faculty, administration, and guests of the campus. It also appeared in many newspapers and websites on the campus and in the city of Davis, including the Davis Enterprise, UCDavis Dateline, the California Aggie, and UCDavis Magazine.

I built a small website for the project: (no longer online). The site included a brief introduction to the philosophy of anarchism and links to resources on the web.

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