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Davis Welcoming Committee

The first half of the video shows people coming off the train. The second clip shows the train leaving and most people are on the train, so there are fewer passengers walking around the station.

The Davis Welcoming Committee was a one day event for commuters coming to and from the Davis Amtrak station from cities like Sacramento, Oakland, and San Jose. Travelers were welcomed with free flowers, keys to the city, free popcorn, a marching band, and a gathering of people celebrating their arrival or departure. Also greeting them was Scott Vermeire playing an unusual “Mayor” or as he called himself, the “King of the Town.”

The Davis Welcoming Committee was a collaboration with Cynthia Yardley for the Davis Civic Arts Commission and curated by Renny Pritikin. The King of the Town was played by Scott Vermeire. The roller skater was Ross Khalsa. The town band was organized by Benjamin Fallah.

Video: Quicktime Version. Also on Vimeo, and You Tube.

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