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Co-op Bar

Exhibited at The Collective Foundation at YBCA – April 12, 2007 – July 8, 2007
Exhibited at Source Code at Eyebeam. May 31st-July 2007

The Co-op Bar SF will be open May 3rd and June 7th (first Thursdays) from 5-7:30pm.

About the Co-op Bar:

Developed at the Eyebeam OpenLab, the Co-op Bar offers a low level investment and community space in the form of a co-operatively owned bar. Designed to take advantage of the surge in potential customers at an art opening, the co-op bar maximizes profit by only serving hard alcohol: shots, mixed drinks, martinis, etc.

Investors double their investment and receive a discount at the bar. As an artist or supporter of the arts, when you buy a drink at the Co-op Bar you are putting money back into the local Bay Area Arts Community. A percentage of the profits from the bar will go toward supporting the programs of the Collective Foundation, which includes grants given directly to artists, the production of artist publications, and other services.

The Co-op Bar was made in Eyebeam’s OpenLab and is a public domain project. Download Co-op Bar resources here. Information on Co-op Bar Grants.

Thanks to Scott Vermeire and Chad Lott for bartending, Joseph Del Pesco, Scott Oliver, and the staff at YBCA for their hard work.


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