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wrote a book!!!

Center for Artistic Activism Campaign Toolkits

The Center for Artistic Activism has created two all-purpose toolkits. They guide activists and advocates in building and implementing creative campaigns.

Our book, The Art of Activism: Your All Purpose Guide to Making the Impossible Possible and workbook are already available. That book makes our material accessible to anyone and goes into great depth. These toolkits are more streamlined and meant to be a reference for advocates when building or reworking a campaign. The Unstoppable Voters toolkit specifically helps people working on voting and elections. Unleashing Creative Campaigns offers the same material but with examples that apply more widely. They’re both free!

You can download the Campaign Toolkits at

Infomercial Video

More fun is this video infomercial I co-wrote (with our friends CoolCoolCool Productions, including Unstoppable Voters Fellow Mark Kendall) after drawing up all my memories of watching Tom Vu and Matthew Lesko on late night TV. (I didn’t have to look up those names, that’s bad right?)

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