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2018 C4AA Print: The Jedi Mind Trick

11×17 inches
Two color, Risograph print on French Paper
Signed and editioned

Created in a limited edition and only available as a thank you for the Center for Artistic Activism end of year fundraising campaign.

This print illustrates what Stephen Duncombe calls “The Jedi Mind Trick,” a story told in our C4AA workshops. This illustration is included in our forthcoming book.

The print is made with a Risograph printer. Similar to silkscreening, riso printing enables a layering technique to produce multi-colored prints. It’s printed on high-quality Speckletone paper, the first-ever recycled sheet with flecks and “shives” created in 1955 by the French Paper Co.

This follows last years print, Imagine Winning.

Go get a print and help the C4AA double your donation

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