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Fight Back Pack #1

Note: As of April 16, 2017, I’ve turned my focus to Fight Back Pack #2, if you really want this one contact me first and I’ll see what I can do.

Pay what you can & I’ll send you all this:

The fight back pack

  1. At least 1 Respect risograph print on #80 French Paper
  2. At least 4 risograph prints on standard paper (thin typing paper) to distribute as you see fit
  3. At least 5 Respect stickers
  4. At least 2 Lies stickers
  5. Shipping in a big sturdy mailer via our US Postal Service

And, as hinted by the “at least” above: a surprise or two.

Buy One Get Five

The idea is to have you help distribute these. If you want to request one of the phrases I’ve used at the bottom, let me know. Also, you can include other pay what you can items or a Capitalism Works for Me True/False print as well, since I’ll be going to the post office anyway.

I’m not making these to make money or further my art career. If this print is something you want in your life and to share in your communities, I want you to have them. If you can help offset the costs of making and mailing them, it helps. All the money I get from you I’ll use to make more.

Send what you can via Paypal or Dwolla or Venmo or Square Cash or just send me a check or whatever.

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