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Co-op Bar

So you’re going to start your own Co-op Bar? Here you’ll find resources to guide you through it. The Co-op Bar was developed as a public domain project in Eyebeam’s OpenLab so you are free to create, adapt, modify, and build upon the plans. The best place to start is with the Franchise Manual.

Franchise Manual

Start here.

Franchise Manual Franchise Manual PDF from Eyebeam Exhibition

Recycled Materials Resources

New York

Build It Green NYC – Recycled building materials at discount prices. New York Wastematch

SF Bay Area

Urban Ore – Legendary.
Treehugger’s list of resources


Your Local Thrift Store
Freecycle – email list to give, receive, and request unwanted items. for free.
Craigslist – low cost, sometimes free materials of all kinds.

Co-Op Bar Open Resources

HTML Co-op Bar Calculator – web page for calculating the price of drinks – written by Jamie Wilkinson

Co-op Bar Spreadsheet – used for accounting in the Co-op Bar. Written by Irene Polnyi. Saved in .ods (OpenOffice) format

Co-op Bar Font: Coma. This is the font that we used for the words Co-op Bar. It is not in the public domain, but it is a free font.

Co-op Bar Words
Co-op Bar Words – PDF Download

Franchise Manual Franchise Manual PDF from Eyebeam Exhibition

Bottle Labels Bottle Label PDF (accounting system)
Print onto 8.5×11 sticker paper and attach to bottles.

Arrow Coaster templates in eps format.

Arrow Arrow for pointing people toward the bar.

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