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is working on the opioid crisis in Seattle.

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The Discourses of Capitalism Book

I’m honored that my research with the capitalism sign was able to further research in the field of economics and linguistics. The Discourses of Capitalism: Everyday Economists and the Production of Common Sense “examines the discourses of capitalism taken up by people in their responses to a street art installation created by Steve Lambert, entitled Capitalism Works For Me! True/False.”

Christian W. Chun poured through the raw video interviews we recorded at Times Square, throughout London, Cedar Rapids, and Boston and uses that source material to consider several key questions, including:

  • How do everyday people view and make sense of capitalism and its role in their work and personal lives?
  • What are the discourses they use in their common-sense understandings of the economy to defend or reject capitalism as a system?

“Chun looks at how dominant discourses in social circulation operate to co-construct and support capitalism, and the accompanying counter-discourses that critique it.”

Get it: amazon, libary

Give us the Vote at Arts Westchester

I’ll be showing Wealth or Happiness and Defeat the Ghosts at Give us the Vote at Arts Westchester.

Give Us The Vote at Arts Westchester

Opening Reception:

Saturday, October 7, 2017 | 4-6PM
Honoring our Community Partner, The League of Women Voters of White Plains.
Suggested donation $10 at door


Natalie Baxter
Nicole Bricker
Robert Brush
Zoe Buckman
Tom Fruin
Laurel Garcia Colvin
Johanna Goodman
Gregg Guest
Carla Rae Johnson
Yashua Klos
Steve Lambert
Miguel Luciano
Ann Lewis
Rebecca Mushtare
Michele Pred
Lise Prown & Curt Belshe
Philippe Safire
Jeffrey Schrier
Richard Tomasello

On View: October 10 2017 – January 27, 2018

WHERE: ArtsWestchester Gallery
31 Mamaroneck Avenue
White Plains, NY

Gallery Hours: Tue – Fri, 12-5pm | Sat 12-6pm

Opening Day Program: Saturday, October 7, 2017, 3pm
Opening Reception: Saturday, October 7, 2017, 4-6pm

ArtsWestchester’s “Give Us The Vote” is inspired by the 100th anniversary of women’s suffrage in New York State. This contemporary art exhibition in downtown White Plains examines the state of voting rights in America today.

The idea that American democracy is government “by the people, for the people” is fundamental to our national identity, yet the history of who has access to the ballot box in America is troubled. The right to vote is the most contested in American democracy. “Give Us the Vote” is a contemporary art exhibition inspired by the one hundredth anniversary of the victory for women’s voting rights in New York State, and examines the state of voting rights in America today.

The suffragist movement was one of the most powerful grassroots political movement of the 20th century. Women and men from all walks of life rallied together to win women an equal say in the democratic process and full recognition as citizens. The battle for the ballot raged through the Civil Rights Movement leading to the Voting Rights Act of 1965, ensuring that the right to vote would not be denied on account of race or color. Still, not every citizen has equal access to the polls. Each election cycle reveals remaining disenfranchised populations and raises controversy about who should, can and does vote. In addition to recognizing the achievements of the suffragists, artworks will address the many enduring barriers to the ballot including gerrymandering, stringent voter registration requirements, voter registration roll purges, and revisions to the Voting Rights Act.

Eyeo 2017 Closing Talk

This summer I gave the closing talk at the 2017 Eyeo Festival in Minneapolis. I used the opportunity to ask the attendees – artists, engineers from tech companies, marketers – to volunteer their skills working with social movements. And I included some stories I’d been eager to tell about the 2016 AIDS Conference!

3 Workshops in April/May

I’m doing three free or low cost workshops in the next few weeks.

#1 How to get press

On May 5 Marisa Mazria Katz (Creative Time Reports) and I will be doing the next free Center for Artistic Activism webinar.

Why should you do it?

We’ve all been there: you’ve done a brilliant, funny, creative action but no one except some passersby and a handful of your Facebook friends have any idea it happened. Or maybe worse yet, you get some press coverage but the journalist completely missed the point. Well, we’re here to help. We’re bringing in the press expert Marisa Mazria Katz who will help us all understand how and when to connect with the press, how to communicate yourself and your campaign, how to write a great pitch or op-ed, and, very importantly, what NOT to do. Join us!

#2 & #3 Putting Your Skills to Work for Social Change

C4AA Board Chair, Patricia Jerido, Stephen Duncombe and I will be running a two part workshop for national arts organization, Creative Capital. You’re welcome to sign up for the first part or both.

Part A: FREE Webinar: Putting Your Skills to Work for Social Change, with Steve Lambert & Patricia Jerido
Wednesday, April 26, 7:00-8:30pm EST

“This free webinar gives practical guidelines on how to be an effective and resilient creative agent for social change. The webinar leaders, who have over 25 years of combined experience training people to plan and implement actions, will show how artists can best lend their expertise and perspectives to campaigns and movements that create real change in the world.”

More info and Registration

Part B: Artistic Activism: Making Art Work
Thursday, May 4, 6:30-9:15 pm
Creative Capital Offices in Lower Manhattan

“Discover how you can use your creative practice to organize communities, and make more engaging and impactful artworks. Through a series of local and international grass-roots case studies, you will learn the basics of cultural, cognitive, and behavioral theory that will help you move audiences from exposure to action. With hands-on exercises designed to give the necessary experience to make more affective and effective artwork, you will feel more confident in applying creative powers to reach social-change goals and more connected to local and global traditions of socially engaged art.”

More info and Registration

Fight Back Pack #2: Defend U.S. Democracy Print

17in x 11in
Risograph on 80# French Paper

Buy One Get Five

I want to get these out in the world and don’t want cost to be a factor, so I’m letting you decide the price at “pay what you can” & I’ll send you all this:

Fight Back Pack #2 includes:

  1. At least 1 “nice” print on #80 French Paper
  2. At least 4 prints on standard paper (thin typing paper) to distribute as you see fit
  3. A few Respect and/or LIES stickers
  4. Instructions for how to find the phone numbers of local reps and ideas for places to hang the print
  5. Priority Mail shipping in a big sturdy mailer via our US Postal Service (usually $6-$10 for postage within the US)

I’m not making these to make money or further my art career. If this print is something you want to help share in your communities, I want you to have them. If you can help offset the costs of making and mailing them, it helps. All the money I get from you I’ll use to make more.

Send what you can via Paypal or Dwolla or Venmo or Square Cash or just send me a check or whatever. Be sure to include a mailing address.

About the Print

Each layer is printed separately – blue, then red, then an overlay of black. All soy and pigment based inks.

The Riso has it’s own aesthetic. It’s inherently imperfect. Having everything align perfectly can be tricky (even when you’re as highly skilled as I am!) so sometimes you get these nice, slight, misalignments and smudges. Each print is different and prints also get their own patterns of ink texture and halftone.

Download a full size PNG and print your own.

Design Drafts

The design went through many iterations, both on paper and digitally. You can see about 40 of those iterations here.

Contributed to workshop at the United Nations

I was invited back to the United Nations for a workshop envisioning UN LIVE the Museum for the United Nations on Monday. The ambition of the project is a reflection of the United Nations itself; “connecting people everywhere to the work and values of the United Nations and to catalyze global effort towards accomplishing its goals.”

I just had a small advisory role made smaller because the group they brought together was excellent. I didn’t have to say many things I often bring up in other gatherings; raising awareness is not enough, people need a sense of agency, cultural change and political change are intertwined, etc.

The project is epic in scale and will take years to complete. I’m glad to have contributed.

I’m a fan of not-boring business cards

I’m a fan of not-boring business cards. This is back of the business card of Maher Nasser, Acting Under-Secretary-General for Global Communications, Department of Public Information. Part of his job is communicating what the United Nations does. So why not tackle that on the back of a 3.5 by 2 inch card you give to everyone you meet?