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Photo Series: NYPD at People’s Climate March

We approached NYPD officers along the People’s Climate March, showed them our sign, and asked if we could take a photo with them. Most were good sports about it. In fact, some of the most intimidating looking turned out to be the most pleasant.

Victoria Estok approached the officers about the photos, Steve Lambert shot them.

Note: Officers mentioned to us they are not allowed to make political statements – we respect that. These photos are not meant to show any endorsement by individual officers, and only demonstrate good will towards the participants.

These photos are licensed under a Creative Commons BY-NC-SA license.

Oxfam Australia’s Design for Change and Steve Lambert

Video by Lindsay Harris

Nestled in the basement of an abandoned high school in Beacon (New York) Design for Change found itself in artist Steve Lambert‘s studio chatting about art, his parents (a former Franciscan monk, and mother, an ex-Dominican nun), drumming circles and his recent project with ‘The Public Energy Art Kit’ (P.E.A.K), a collaboration with the Post Carbon Institute.

The Public Energy Art Kit is a large broadsheet of 14 posters specifically designed to help tackle climate change, energy inequality and fossil fuel dependency. Curated by Steve, the project asked 12 artists to interpret and visualise new climate change realities.

Originally posted on the Oxfam Australia Design for Change site

People’s Climate March “Warm-up” at La Casita Verde

People’s Climate March “Warm-up” at La Casita Verde
Saturday, September 20th, 1-4pm
La Casita Verde, 451 Bedford Ave. at Division, South Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Join artists, scientists and activists at La Casita Verde for an afternoon of making the day before the People’s Climate March. We will collaborate on eye-catching signs to carry in the march based on your concerns, interests, hopes and dreams. Fun for all ages. Sign-making materials will be provided but donations encouraged.

Featured guests include: Steve Lambert, Natalie Jeremijenko, Marina Zurkow, Ricardo Miranda Zuñiga, Valerie Tevere, Angel Nevarez, Cynthia Lawson-Jaramillo, Laura Nova, Heather Davis, Ann Fink among others.

Organized by Brooke Singer and Stefani Bardin of La Casita Verde.

Photos courtesy of Brooke Singer

Public Forum (version 1)

See 4 minute video with more interviews.

Public Forum creates a friendly platform to dismantle fundamental myths.

Imagine a mix of Family Feud, Let’s Make a Deal, the front page of the newspaper, and the best college seminar class you ever took. The game show creates a space for topics that many times are not spoken about publicly, with the goal of helping people learn, grow, and act differently in the world as a result.

Topics are suggested by locals wherever the piece is shown.

7ft tall, 9ft wide
Aluminum, wood, electronics, etc.


Future Versions

Future versions will have an illuminated scoreboard, bonus point scoreboard, timer, stage, and more.



WBHM Interview: Art Walk | Public Forum

By Andrew Yeager

Steve Lambert WBHM Radio Interview

Artist Steve Lambert likes to say his medium is “trouble.” That’s a creative way of saying he’s less interested in pretty pictures than in artwork that challenges the audience. Or in the case of his latest, work that forces them to examine their own views.

The New York-based artist is currently an artist in residence at Birmingham’s Space One Eleven gallery. This weekend he brings his work called “Public Forum” to Birmingham’s Artwalk. Steve Lambert spoke with WBHM’s Andrew Yeager about the piece.

Listen online…

“The Fine Art of Democracy” in WELD, Birmingham’s alt-weekly

The fine art of democracy - Steve Lambert in WELD Birmingham

by Walter Lewellyn

The police are here to protect us – true or false? Mass transit only helps poor people – true or false? Slavery is over – true or false? Jesus is more important than football – true or false?

These are just a few of the questions that form the centerpiece of a striking exhibition – part art installation, part game show, part town-hall meeting – that’s coming to downtown arts nonprofit Space One Eleven (SOE) for Artwalk weekend (Sept. 5-6). PUBLIC FORUM, the brainchild of conceptual artist Steve Lambert, blends the boundaries between art and democracy.

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