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Time to Fight with Print & Paste in Manchester England

Steve Lambert - Time to Fight  Billboard in Manchester

My sliding-scale priced “It’s Time to Fight” letterpress print has been turned into a billboard in Manchester, England by the nice folks at Print & Paste. I was stunned and delighted to see it at this scale.

Print & Paste is a curated outdoor art space  in central Manchester, located just off Oxford Rd  opposite the old BBC building. Every month a new artist is invited to exhibit work on a large 16-sheet board traditionally used by advertisers. “We aim to support the artist and inspire the  public by using the space for freedom of expression, positive social commentary, and the exhibition  of original work.” Print & Paste is a collaboration between Micah Purnell,  Dave Sedgwick,  Nick Chaffe, and Jim Ralley and facilitated by  Daniel Jones.

CAFK+A Big Ideas in Arts & Culture Lecture Series – May 22

I’m speaking at City Hall (!) in Kitchener, Ontario on May 22nd.

Tuesday May 22, 2012 — 7:00 pm
Kitchener CIty Hall Rotunda
200 King St. W., Kitchener

Steve Lambert is an American artist who works in a variety of media, commonly using print and communication vehicles as a means of developing a dialogue with his audience.   He has produced interactive scoreboards, letterpress posters, signage and postcards. One of Lambert’s best known projects is The New York Times “Special Edition”, which announced the end of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan following the 2008 American election.

Lambert uses art as a bridge to connect uncommon, idealistic, or even radical ideas with everyday life. He carefully crafts various conditions where these ideas can be discussed with people to produce a meaningful exchange. Often this means working collaboratively with the audience, bringing them into the process or even having them physically complete the work.

He has collaborated with well-known art collectives such as the Yes Men and the Graffiti Research Lab, and other organizations such as Greenpeace. He is also the founder of the Center for Artistic Activism, the Anti-Advertising Agency, Add-Art (a Firefox add-on that replaces online advertising with art) and SelfControl (which blocks grownups from distracting websites so they can get work done).

There will be a complimentary shuttle from downtown Guelph to Kitchener for the Steve Lambert lecture, departing from 193 Woolwich St. (Macquarie House) at 6:00 PM. Seats will reserved on a first-come, first-served basis. Please visit or contact Danica Evering at or 519 836 7300 x 103 to reserve your seat.

Image credit: Steve Lambert, Capitalism Works For Me! True/False, 2011. Courtesy the artist.

About Big Ideas in Art and Culture

The Big ideas in Art and Culture Lecture Series is a joint production of CAFKA and Musagetes. CAFKA is about making art happen in the public spaces of this community, introducing contemporary art to new audiences and engaging the public in new ways of seeing their city. The Musagetes Foundation has been active around the world gathering artists and public intellectuals to consider variations on the theme of social transformations through creative and artistic interventions. These open forums, or cafés, explore and apply new ideas in creative practices, social change and community development. Musagetes Cafés have taken place in London, England, 2007, Barcelona, Spain, 2008, and Rijeka, Croatia, 2010. Future cafés are being planned to take place in Sudbury, Ontario, 2011 and in Lecce, Italy, 2012.  CAFKA gratefully acknowledges the support of the Ontario Trillium Foundation, the City of Kitchener, The Kitchener and Waterloo Community Foundation — Musagetes Fund, the Canada Council for the Arts, and the Ontario Arts Council in helping to make this lecture series possible.

…Is This Free? at NURTUREart

The New York Times Special Edition will be included in “…Is This Free?”

…Is This Free? is NURTUREart’s 2012 summer exhibition series. Curated by Marco Antonini, the project will consist of three separate exhibitions, featuring artworks, ephemera and publications that have been conceived and produced to be freely distributed.

Historically relevant artworks, ephemera and publications will be presented side by side with contemporary work by emerging artists, including a series of project-specific artworks commissioned by NURTUREart. Community high school classes as well as members of our audience will be involved in the production of open source artwork, instructional pieces and performance workshops, producing artwork that will ultimately become part of the three exhibitions.

…Is This Free? will also include two side projects: Lawn School (curated by Megan Snowe and Rachel Steinberg), a series of free outdoor classes on various topics of practical and theoretical interest, open to any and all to teach and attend, that will take place in city public parks and …Can I Take This? (curated by Megan Snowe), a regularly updated bookshelf of free publications.

The program aims to address a series of equally timely and important questions: Can Art really be Free? At what cost do creative ideas exist (and thrive) as acts of generosity? Who owns a work of art, once it is freely distributed and supposedly liberated from commercial interests? Conceived as a collective effort and produced with the collaboration of a large group of artists, individuals and organizations, …Is This Free? responds to a highly visible trend in the development of artistic practices that use free or alternative forms of exchange as forms of distribution, bypassing the art markets and their rules. The program’s inclusion of artwork, ephemera and publications dating back to the sixties provides a historical frame of reference for the younger artists involved, tracking down the paths of surprising inter-generational trajectories.

The three segments of …Is This Free? will respectively open on:

Friday, July 6
Friday, August 3
Friday, August 31

The …Can I Take This? bookshelf will be permanently installed in the exhibition space and present rotating selections of materials, while the Lawn School will follow the exhibition schedule with weekly meetings (classes TBD) for the whole duration of the summer program.Contact info:

Marco Antonini T.

NURTUREart, Non Profit Inc.
56 Bogart St., Brooklyn, NY 11206

Speaking at Occupy Boston April 28th

Artists from occupy boston to host night of conversation & action – Featuring artist Steve Lambert

Samsøn (formerly Samson Projects)
450 Harrison Ave, South End Boston
Saturday April 28th, 5pm –
5-6:00 Alternative sign-making workshops
6-7:00 presentation by artist Steve Lambert
7-8:00 Q&A followed by drinks, hangout, and discussion
8-10:00 screening, Yes Men Fix the World

On April 28, 2012, Members of Occupy Boston’s arts working group, CASA, will host a gathering with artist and cultural provocateur Steve Lambert. Taking place at Samsøn, this event will be an opportunity for Lambert and the greater Occupy community to connect over questions of messaging, humor, culture jamming, and creative activism as the movement heads into the coming seasons.

Lambert’s work includes “The New York Times Special Edition” produced with the Yes Men and many other groups in 2008 and distributed in cities across the US carrying headlines such as “Iraq War Ends,” “Maximum Wage Law Passed” and “All Public Universities to Be Free.” More recently, Lambert’s gigantic, sign/scoreboard “Capitalism Works For Me,True/False” is touring the country posing a personal question its viewers can vote on.

The Present Group writes of Lambert’s work, “These bits of provocation get people thinking (and talking) about how they act, what they believe, how they imagine the world around them, and how they imagine it could be.” With the School for Creative Activism, Lambert has taught workshops that infuse creative tactics with traditional community organizing and civic engagement.

Lambert, along with painter Josh Luke, produced signs for many of the tents in the Dewey Square occupation in October 2010. Intending to produce change, he’s given simple advice for how to do more than “raise awareness” while maintaining a positive attitude. Join us on the 28th as we recharge our creative batteries and rehash the radical. Spring is upon us. There is difficult and enjoyable work to be done, absurd futures to dream up, and important questions to ask ourselves in the next stages of the Occupation. We think art and creative action should play a significant role in the shapes, forms, and modes of communication and performance employed in these next steps.

Transmediale Audio Recordings – Ludic Salon

Transmediale has posted audio recordings of the 2012 panels. This recording is me talking about the Capitalism Sign at the “Zombie Play at the Ludic Salon.”

This panel was a lot of fun. Some of the questions come from great folks like Dmytri Kleiner and Jacob Applebaum.

(By the way I say “extinct” when I meant “endangered”)

You can get all the ludic salon recordings from this page on Soundcloud

This is the link to the Debugging and Rebooting panel, which got a little weird and would be difficult to understand without the video.