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“Where Lives Come to Die” with Scott V. from Oakland

This piece is based on a poem by Scott V. from Oakland. Scott and I have been friends and collaborators for a long time. I saw him perform this piece live and people were laughing, confused, and depressed all at once. It was amazing. After collaborating on a long-form experimental video, we decided why not keep the momentum going and turn the poem into a video?

All the video was shot in 2005 over 2 nights at the actual coffee shop near Scott’s old work (the story is based on fact). I tried to edit it in the coming days. Days turned into years as I would step away from the edit to gain perspective, but whenever I would return to it, I couldn’t come up with a good edit or sound. Luckily John Davis gave me hours worth of his audio experiments to use in a radio program I made, and I found audio from him that worked perfectly. Later after I moved to New York, Nadia Awad came to Eyebeam as an intern and pulled a rabbit out of her hat on the edit. She’s got the magic touch! More time went by and Liz Filardi added her amazing titles.

The people who worked on this are all very talented and I hope you find our little 3 minute story at least half as sad, funny, and human as I did when I first heard it.

Scott V. from Oakland | text
Steve Lambert & Scott V. from Oakland | visuals
Nadia Awad | editing
John Davis | sound
Liz Filardi | titles

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Review in the Los Angeles Times

Christopher Knight reviewed Everything You Want Right Now! with some notes on The New York Times Special Edition for the LA Times.

Steve Lambert gained considerable notoriety eight days after last November’s elections when he collaborated with a group called the Yes Men in publishing a politically progressive hoax edition of the New York Times, its banner headline declaring “Iraq War Ends.” The debut Los Angeles solo show for the New York-based artist at Charlie James Gallery includes video documentation of that work, as well as well-traveled intersections between art and advertising.

It’s Not Us, It’s You on KQED Arts

Ben Marks reviews the show at San Jose Institute of Contemporary Arts for KQED Public Media for Northern CA:

Inside, we are greeted by a needlessly large plexiglass donation box by Steve Lambert titled “Steve Lambert Refuses to Participate in the Exhibit.” A legend near the box promises that all the money collected will be divided among the artists in the show because the SJICA didn’t budget any money for artist fees. On the day I attended, a scattering of ones and a few fives sat unimpressively at the bottom of the box, adding irony to the piece’s tongue-in-check rejection of a show about rejection.

Read article in full at KQED’s site

Drawing Contemporaries – opens May 21

drawing contemporaries

Opening reception: Thurs., May 21, 6PM — 8PM
Eyebeam Center for Art and Technology
540 West 21st St
New York, NY

Drawing Contemporaries, curated by Eyebeam senior fellow Michael Mandiberg, is an exhibition of works on paper made by a peer group of new media artists who all make drawings, either as a primary object, or as an experimental step in their process. The artists often use computers or algorithms as a logic structure or drawing aid in a way that is foregrounded in these works. Many of these artists are Eyebeam affiliated, but all are contemporaries whose influences upon each other can be traced in this exhibition.

Darren Kraft uses powdered graphite to photorealistically reproduce icons and logos associated with consumer and political culture; Eyebeam senior fellow Steve Lambert and Julia Schwadron write personal and poetic messages of hope which they leave taped up in public places; Michael Mandiberg uses the laser cutter to etch and carve works on paper that incorporate text, history and design; Marisa Olson performs Google image searches for obsolete technologies, and traces their contours directly off her laptop screen with a mechanical pencil; and Lee Walton creates elaborate indexes of possible graphic marks which are algorithmically used to document events as they occur. His subjects range from from pedestrian traffic to sports games.

Fillip Magazine – Best Case Scenario

On 11 November 2008, a fourteen-page special edition of the New York Times mysteriously appeared on the streets of New York. Its headline, “Iraq War Ends,” introduced a collection of articles under the rubric of “All the News We Hope to Print,” an alteration of the paper of record’s actual motto, “All the News That’s Fit to Print.” Among the many organizers of the special edition spoof was Steve Lambert, who sat down with Fillip to discuss the project.

Read the piece at Fillip Magazine

Everything You Want, Right Now!

Solo show at Charlie James Gallery “EVERYTHING YOU WANT, RIGHT NOW!” April 25, 2009 to June 6 extended!

Everything You Want, Right Now! by Steve Lambert

Steve Lambert solo show walkthrough from Steve Lambert on Vimeo. Or on youtube.

See also Arrow Sign in Los Angeles for more.


Charlie James Gallery
975 Chung King Road
Los Angeles, CA 90012

As always, thanks for the support of Eyebeam!

Arrow Sign in Los Angeles

Los Angeles Sign Series - Sand Ocean Sky

Sand Ocean Sky – The Commons

Commercial Roadside Sign

Los Angeles Coastline, 2009

Just after the opening of my solo show at Charlie James Gallery in Los Angeles we loaded up a rented pick-up truck with the arrow sign I included in the show. When I came across various locations in the city, we untied the sign, carried it over and snapped some shots – each time improvising a message for the face. This photo series is an extension of some earlier drawing work you might want to see.

PRINTS AVAILABLE – produced by Gallery 16 in San Francisco on Hahnemuhle rag. Contact Charlie James Gallery and they can be delivered to your door.

4/25 – Solo Show at Charlie James Gallery Los Angeles

Charlie James Gallery
975 Chung King Road
Los Angeles, CA 90012

APRIL 25 TO JUNE 6, 2009


Charlie James Gallery is pleased to announce LA’s first solo show of internationally renowned artist-activist Steve Lambert. You may have encountered Steve’s work already, though you may not be aware of it.   Maybe you saw him interviewed on CNN, or listened to him on NPR.   Lambert’s work operates in popular culture, using everyday language and humor to convey ideas that both subvert and expand the worlds of art, free technology, and media.   In the course of his work, Lambert has worked with volunteers to close every McDonald’s in Manhattan; he has renamed a street in San Francisco, and replaced advertising on the internet with curated art images. Perhaps most famously, Lambert and the Yes Men orchestrated the New York Times Special Edition, wherein he and his collaborators wrote, printed and distributed a near-perfect imitation of the New York Times, its differences detectable only in its content, which included a cavalcade of ‘if only it were true’ headlines like “Iraq War Over” and “Maximum Wage Law Succeeds.”

In Everything You Want, Right Now!, Lambert takes on the vernacular of commercial signage with a regional emphasis unique to Los Angeles.   Visually, he is interested in what makes certain styles of signage feel so innately familiar, and in the methods that signage employs to grab our attention.   Lambert will investigate the numerous emotional promises that inhere in commercial advertising, promises that may excite or reassure us, while remaining ultimately undelivered.   The business of fine art and the relevance of the white cube gallery will also come under the scrutiny of Mr. Lambert.   Under his direction, the Charlie James Gallery will be transformed into something reminiscent of an over-eager appliance store during the 6 week run of his show.   The gallery will be festooned with pennants inside and out, the windows painted over with garish promises of “Slashed Prices!” while the interior pulses away with lighted signage, all promising wild levels of deliverance to the viewer.

Steve Lambert is the founder of the Anti-Advertising Agency and the lead developer of Add-Art (a Firefox add-on that replaces online advertising with curated art images). He has collaborated with numerous artists including the Graffiti Research Lab, Packard Jennings, and the Yes Men.   Steve’s projects and art works have won awards from Lower East Side Print Shop, Rhizome/The New Museum, Turbulence, the Creative Work Fund, Adbusters Media Foundation, the California Arts Council, and others. His work has been shown at various galleries, art spaces, and museums both nationally and internationally, and was recently collected by the Library of Congress. Lambert has appeared live on NPR, the BBC, and CNN, with reportage of his exploits captured in multiple outlets including the Associated Press, the New York Times, the Guardian, Harper’s, The Believer, Good, Dwell, ARTnews, Punk Planet, and Newsweek. He is a Senior Fellow at the Eyebeam Center for Art and Technology in New York, and teaches at Parsons/The New School and Hunter College. Steve studied sociology and film before receiving a BFA from the San Francisco Art Institute in 2000 and a MFA at UC Davis in 2006.

About Charlie James Gallery: Charlie James Gallery formed in 2008 in Seattle, WA and had its debut in Chinatown, downtown Los Angeles in November of 2008. The gallery exhibits emerging and mid-career artists confronting issues of contemporary cultural significance.   Housed in a 1947 Chinatown manufacturing building and newly redesigned by Dane Johnson, the gallery is situated amidst numerous other contemporary art galleries of strong reputation.   The gallery is open Wednesday to Saturday from 12-6. For more information please visit   or email