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Yearly Archives: 2006

MFA Thesis Exhibition

For the past two years I have been completing a Master of Fine Arts Degree at UC Davis. The Thesis Exhibition is at the Richard L. Nelson Gallery and Fine Arts Collection at the UC Davis campus. The show opens June 2nd from 5-7pm and will be up through June 23rd.


The work I am showing is a two-player arcade style video game I created called Simmer Down Sprinter. The game is a running race and whoever finishes a lap around the track first wins. However, the game is controlled through bio-feedback sensors and the more relaxed you are the faster your runner goes. Essentially the game is one of head-to-head competitive relaxation. more images and info.

100% From Memory

“100% From Memory” is a collaborative pair of drawings I did with Canadian artist, Amanda Schoppel. We tore one piece of paper into two pieces. I took the top half, Amanda took the bottom half. I, as a “lifelong Californian,” attempted to draw a map of Canada from memory. Amanda, a “proud Canadian,” drew a map of the United States from memory. We were not allowed to look at any maps or consult any resources for details. The two maps were then rejoined.

Teaching at SFAI

I’m teaching two classes for the San Francisco Art Institute’s Adult Continuing Education program. ACE offers evening and weekend courses for anything from “preparing a portfolio to apply to a full-time art program or are looking for the camaraderie and stimulation that come from working with other artists in a class, our courses are designed to meet the needs of beginning, intermediate, and advanced students of all ages.” The classes are open to anyone. If you are interested, please sign up.

I am teaching Art and Pop Media and Color Photography. (more…)

The Lab’s Art Sale 10

I have a drawing in The Lab’s Art Sale this year. It’s called Icebreaker: Drawing To Stand In the Street With, To Hang Above Your Desk at Your Job, To Put In Your Living Room, Or Places Like That. It’s a new work – I just finished it today – and it may look familiar. The sale benefits The Lab, and I want to help because The Lab does all the financial books for the Budget Gallery and the Anti-Advertising Agency. Come help The Lab and pick up art works from the likes of Christo & Jeanne-Claude, Tom Marioni, myself, and many more (Visa & Mastercard accepted). (more…)


I set up this table near other individuals and organizations tabling for political, religious and other causes. When people approach I offer to talk to them about whatever they would like. If they don’t know what they want to talk about I keep a list of questions such as:

  • how about this weather?
  • what have you been up to lately?
  • what are you doing after this?
  • how are things?

This formula has lead to conversations with all kinds of strangers on topics from the weather to the Iranian revolution, Native American philosophy, agricultuture, film, etc. The table is very popular.

Of course, you can do this yourself. Here are the instructions on how to talk to anyone. Some guys in Germany did it. And Mitch in Philly. And Samuel Peck changed it up a bit and did it in Australia. Dmitry in Moscow. Jackie Yoo in Korea. Victor sets up in Mexico. And many others.


How To Talk to Anyone – there’s always something to learn

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