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Contact Info

Steve Lambert Contact photoSteve Lambert Studio
211 Fishkill Ave #G2
Beacon, NY 12508

Steve Lambert Contact photo

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Charlie James Gallery in Los Angeles, or get in touch with me using the form below.

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Email: There’s an easy form below, and my email address is studio at visitsteve dot com. My PGP Public Key is: 76180C75388E859E

Things you should know about emailing me:

  1. Please know I get a lot of email and can’t always respond to it in a timely way and don’t hold it against me. Most likely if you write to me, I will answer you. How long that takes depends on the nature of your question. If it’s a simple yes/no, I can answer you usually in a day or two. If it’s something as complicated and open-ended as “what do you think about X as opposed to Y as discussed by [philosopher]” or worse, “how are you and what are you up to?” then it might take a couple months. Or sometimes never. With all that said, I do appreciate you reaching out to me. And I do my best to make time to answer questions for students – the less prestigious the school the better.
  2. If your question is about SelfControl – please read the Wiki and FAQ. If you have a complaint, feature request, or anything to say besides thank you, do not email me. If you have the 00:00 bug, do not email me. Read the FAQ.

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