Steve Lambert



May 21, 2016

Center for Artistic Activism at Creative Capital

Creative Capital asked the Center for Artistic Activism to create a short workshop they could host. This is the first time we’ve done one of

C4AA at Creative Time Summit November 10, 2015

C4AA at Creative Time Summit

The Center for Artistic Activism(Stephen Duncombe and I) will be doing a two-part workshop at the Creative Time

Keynote at Creative Catalyst in Toronto May 21, 2015

Keynote at Creative Catalyst in Toronto

SYMPOSIUM ON ART & SOCIAL INNOVATION, TORONTO, JUNE 11-12, 2015 Creative Catalyst brings together Canadian artists, designers, researchers, industry, and community members in discussion on how arts and culture catalyzes social innovation.

February 05, 2015

Speaking at Fordham Urban Law Journal Symposium

I’m giving the closing remarks at this Law symposium. Fordham Urban Law Journal Symposium, Vol. XLII Law, Urban Space, and The Future of Artistic Expression

November 18, 2014

Video: Lecture at Grand Valley State University

This is the talk I gave at Grand Valley State University. During the Q&A I was first told I was a finalist for Art Prize, so that’s why none of the issues around the funding and giving away the prize are mentioned. This is what I was thinking about and talking about in September 2014.