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Systematic Podcast November 11, 2015

Systematic Podcast

I was on episode 151 of Brett Terpstra‘s Systematic Podcast. I looked forward to talking to Brett because he’s developed a lot of software I use on a daily basis, like NValt and Markdown Service Tools (which I am using right now). Plus he’s brilliant. Little did I know we’d have so many other things

Included in book, CO-LAB: Collaborative Design Survey July 30, 2015

Included in book, CO-LAB: Collaborative Design Survey

Duncombe and I did an interview as the Center for Artistic Activism for new book: CO-LAB: Collaborative Design

Interview on BBC World Service July 24, 2015

Interview on BBC World Service

Yesterday I did a short interview for World Business Report on the BBC’s World Service – because when you think international business news, you think “Steve Lambert”. The story was about a new billboard using facial recognition technology designed by M&C Saatchi. I was asked (as leader of the Anti-Advertising Agency) to bring a counter-point

Art and Politics Now March 18, 2015

Art and Politics Now

Capitalism Works For Me! True/False is included in the book, Art & Politics Now by Anthony Downey (amazon/library),