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February 10, 2016

WordHack at BabyCastles

Thursday, Feb 18 I’ll be giving a short talk at Babycastles with HUMANBEAST, Kristin Hayter, and Cassie Tarakajian. It starts at 7pm. Facebook Event Babycastles

Agitprop! at Brooklyn Museum November 11, 2015

Agitprop! at Brooklyn Museum

The New York Times Special Edition will be a part of Agitprop! at the Brooklyn Museum. The piece

Systematic Podcast November 11, 2015

Systematic Podcast

I was on episode 151 of Brett Terpstra‘s Systematic Podcast. I looked forward to talking to Brett because he’s developed a lot of software I use on a daily basis, like NValt and Markdown Service Tools (which I am using right now). Plus he’s brilliant. Little did I know we’d have so many other things

C4AA at Creative Time Summit November 10, 2015

C4AA at Creative Time Summit

The Center for Artistic Activism(Stephen Duncombe and I) will be doing a two-part workshop at the Creative Time